Electrify Any Bike Or Buy One of Ours


BIONX makes some excellent e-bike conversion kits and our mechanic staff is well versed in all aspects of set-up and tuning of said set-ups. 

The BIONX system is affordable and well made. These are pedalec systems that let you pedal along with the assist of the rear wheel to keep you moving up nasty hills or through a headwind or just to be beat time. 

As an authorized BIONX dealer and bicycle dealer, we are able to combine a brand new bike and e-bike kit into one great little package. Like our Felt E-Mountain Bike based on the SIX 80 MTB. It features a light weight frame and it's ready for the trail. Or, if you are a commuter, we offer a great light weight commute bike option too with the FUJI Absolute hybrid bike

Besides being a great e-bike option for any one, the BIONX kits are ideal for any one who may consider e-biking an shorter term option. Many of our e-bike customers come to us with the intent of getting back into riding, for a number of reasons. Many are ditching their cars and aren't yet in shape enough to get out their and commute on a standard bike, so an e-bike is in their sites. Or, other times, customers are recouping from an accident or surgery and want to get on a bike as therapy but don't yet have the muscle strength needed to keep the bike to speed. 

If you just want one bike, rather than owning an e-bike and a regular bike, the BIONX kits are excellent choices. Ride your bike to work with your assist motor and as you get in better shape and used to commuting you can covert back to your normal bike if you want to. 

Another advantage of boing with the BIONX kit is that it allows you to mount your system to any bike you want, allowing you to make a very light weight bike, that in the end will be more pedalable than a heavier frame. Generally, the lighter the frame, the more expensive it is and many e-bike manufacturers try to keep the cost of the bikes down by including a heavier frame. 

The BIONX kits allow any one interested in building out a custom "performance e-bike" to really dial in the bets frame, the best components and so forth, just as they would a standard bike. 

Some of our recent builds:

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