Test Ride: Ultra Motor FastForward Edge Bike



I've been testing out the new Ultra Motor FastForward Edge Folding Electric bicycle for the past week. This thing is fun- fun for the whole family. In fact, our test mule has been cause for argument and disappointment at our house for this last week with my 12 year old son, me and my wife quietly fighting for the right to ride it. 

This is a very versatile bike. For a little over a grand you get a kind of 3 in one product. You get a folding bike. You get an electric bike AND you get a bike-bike. I mean, it's hard to get any of these in the kind of quality of this all in one package for this price and this one has it all. 

It's comfortable to ride as bike. Feels like a tall BMX ride, or a scooter with a seat. Stiff, quick handling. Turn on the button, twist the throttle and the electricity takes over. It will let you cruise comfortably on the flats and on slight inclines. Switch to e-assist mode and you just pedal and the motor works on back-up, giving you much better climbing ability. 

Hard to beat for the money. It's not fast. If you want fast, you'll need to get a Metro, or a bike with a bigger motor. 

The Edge seems to be a great flatlander rider and commuter. Fold it up on the bus or train. Bionical bike gets the job done. Unfold it, start your roll down to the cafe and to work. Tuck it under your desk the rest of the day.

Simple. The FastForward Edge, from Ultra Motor.

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  • joe witherspoon