close-up: Felt Z Series Road Bikes


 Proven fit and cutting-edge technology.

The Z is Felt's classic alternative geometry bike, a bike built for long days, whether competitive or recreational. We took the assured handling of our time-tested F-series and repackaged it to include more variable positions. The fact is, for decades the bikes raced to victory at the Tour de France were a bit different from the race bikes popular today. Those bikes were calmer on descents, offered great vibration damping to lessen fatigue and featured a slightly more upright rider position. These elements and more all went into the thinking behind the Z.

Z-series frames use a longer head tube to give greater choice in handlebar and overall rider position. They feature a sloping top tube for increased standover clearance and benefit from improved vertical compliance due to a more exposed 27.2mm seatpost. Thanks to a longer front-center and chainstays the Z enjoys the longest wheelbase of any of our road bikes, resulting in confident handling at any speed. We do all this and still pack the same torsional stiffness and bottom bracket rigidity into the Z as our legendary F bikes. It all adds up to a rig capable of a classic full-race position, yet one the rider is not limited to.

The Z is the bike of choice for almost half of the Garmin/Slipstream pro team. Dan Martin raced the Z to victory in the Irish National Championship Road Race as well as the prestigious Route du Sud stage race. Trent Lowe ascended the podium in second place at the Tour de Georgia with the help of a Z1. And when Will Frischkorn set off on a six-hour breakaway at Milan-San Remo he was aboard—you guessed it—his Z.

Whether you select a Z model with its UHC Nano or one of our lightweight aluminum/carbon models, you’ll get that same assured handling and race-worthy stiffness for a ride that is as responsive as it is confidence-inspiring.

All of our Z-series bikes are built with a component package to give you ideal fit, gearing for any terrain and the utmost in reliability. We’ve equipped each bike with either a compact or triple crankset combined with a wide-range cassette to make tackling hills a cinch no matter what your speed is. If ever there was a bike to inspire your best, the Z is it.

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  • joe witherspoon