Rolling with the Felt Verza Regency Bike


 I was in the mood for a new bike. My old beat-up single speed Dyna Beach Cruiser had been showing its age for a while and up till now I hadn't owned a Felt bike as my main cruising bike of my own. Time to change that. 

I like cruisers and I like the simplicity of single speeds and coaster brakes. That set-up never ceases to remind me of warm summer nights perched atop my old cruiser in the 70s, bombing around the neighborhood with a gang of friends.
So, the goal was to trade in the old one for a new Felt cruiser and keep it under budget. The original goal focused around a Felt Slant, or maybe a Glassell. Nice bikes. Simple. Clean. 

Then I came on the idea of getting a Verza. Billed as a Dutch bike look-a-like. It's a classic "old man's" bike. Steel frame. Elegant simple looks. Black paint and well appointed with a rack, fenders, center stand, a bell and other touches that make the bike stand out. 

This is not speedster. The littler 3 speed internal drive will get you going up to 16 MPH or so and let you hang there. The riding position means you navigate this bike from above. 

The seat is comfortable and a rear under seat bag is included.

This bike uses a coaster brake and has no hand brake. 

It's a comfortable ride. I took it out for 20 miles recently. Fun. Classy. I added a leather side bag to the bike for storage.

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  • joe witherspoon