The Beautiful, from Soma: Gamoh Rack


We love our bikes. They give us joy and we like to improve them, so that they give us more joy. They are beautiful. They are simple.

No one wants to put any old junky rack and bolt it on to their wonderful bike. If we do, it's because we couldn't find anything better and just needed a rack. Any rack. We go to any old bike store, or worse - Amazon - and buy whatever every one else is buying. Sure it happens. We don't think. Don't have time. Too much work. No time to stop and plan and calculate. Gamoh Rack on A Felt Slant Cruiser

But if we had something in mind. If we made the time and slowed down. If we decided that we wanted to have a rack that could be an improvement in function and looks and even seemed to be a natural part of the bike. If we wanted something sturdy. Something that might even improve with age. Something you could keep for a long time. Then, we'd go with that. 

The Gamoh racks from soma are like that. Strong welded tubing, powder coated to take a beating. They seem to be a part of the frame. 

They can take a beating, like if you drop your bike.

I like them bolted up to any of our big Felt cruisers. The frame tubing is beefy like the Felt's and also like the tires on these bikes. Any dainty rack would seem off balanced with the rest of the construction. 

They're expensive. There's no getting around that. Over $100 for the front and almost $200 for the big rear basket. Still, these racks are worth it.

The big front or rear baskets have a huge carrying capacity. This rack could easily carry any of the following things. 

  • A large basket of a week's worth of laundry
  • A 5 gallon planter with a young palm tree
  • A small boy or girl
  • A watermelon or two, on a hot summer day, riding down a quiet country road back home
  • Many groceries
  • A large stack of big thick art books purchased at a used book store
  • A small television

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