Close-Up: Stromer Elite Electric Bike Step-Thru Model



The Stromer electric bikes have so far turned out to be our top selling e-bike for 2012 and we continue to be amazed by this powerful and well-packaged e-bike. The Stromer electric bike is suited for any one looking for a high quality and high powered bike that won't leave them stranded on a hill, but also has all the look and feel of a standard urban bicycle. 

A lot of us live or work on hills that make riding standard bicycles a chore. Electric bicycles help us get out of our cars, keep us on two wheels and give us more opportunities to be active and fit. E-bikes also get us in and out of crowded areas, where parking is scarce, conveniently carrying us to our destinations, on our own time, at our own speed. 

In crowded down-town areas, or even in suburban areas during rush-hour, riding an e-bike can be faster than public transportation, and often faster than private car transportation.

When Suburbanbikes sells a Stromer, we have at our disposal a wide catalog of accessories that work well with the bike. Improving a Stromer, an almost perfect bike, is fun and we've found we can really customize these bikes as needed for the owner.

This recent Stromer build called for the addition of a rear rack, some fenders and a comfort seat for women. We think it came out great and the new owner should be extremely pleased. 

This bike is the Stromer Elite model, which features more speeds than the standard Stromer, as well as hydraulic brakes. The hydraulic brakes are a dream to operate and the extra speeds allow the bike to ride quicker with better power management. 

The rear rack we put on the Stromers is suited for the wide axle base and we select racks that keep the clean looks of the bike. 

For fenders we have some matt black mountain bike fenders that fit to both the front and rear of the bike. They look like they come with the bike and are suited for any kind of terrain. 

For local customers, Suburbanbikes will deliver a new bike to your door, if you do not have a car or the time to visit our store for pick-up. We're happy to help. The Stromer weighs about 80 lbs. We also have a collection of specific bike racks that work well with the Stromers. 

Electric bikes make for great commuters. Their standard frame and regular appearance mean you can take your Stromer on most public transportation systems and blend right in. This is good if you're planning to use your bike for extended commutes that involve multiple modes of travel. Ride your bike to the train station. Train to downtown. Ride to your office.

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