Have you been Vanmoofed yet?


We have!

Having just taken possession of our Vanmoof bicycles, we're equal parts startled, awed and intrigued. 

Bikes that were designed by designers reveal themselves differently. This is one of those. This is not a bike that wants to appear to fit in with the crowd. It wants to appear different, advanced, smarter, unique.

It rolls around real tall and with some attitude. It says to other bikes "What? You don't have a headlight in your frame? To bad for you my friend!"

This is a bike that stretches your imagination about what a bike is even while appearing sort of normal, in a way.

The frame forms a perfect triangle. The triangle is more triangular than other bike frames. It also appears to have fallen into place, like 3 toothpicks.

The tires are big and the wheels are an abnormal size. 

The plastics on the bike are not from China and hence foreign to us Americans, where all things originate from China. 

To ride the Vanmoof is to ride a tradition and belief in good design, but one that is not a one-off item. This bike is available to the masses who can appreciate it. 

It wouldn't be right to own this bike if you enjoy following the mold, the norm, the appearances of other things like this thing.

At the same time that the bike has a light in front and in the rear. It also does not have or need batteries. That's smart. Not only has the designer given you built in lights, but it has given you a built-in way to power them through the science of a dynamo hub. 

There are other nifty things about this bike that we'll cover later, as we get to know it better.

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  • joe witherspoon