Felt Road Bikes


The folks at Felt don't hide the fact that at its core, Felt is a racing company. Look closely at all the bikes in the Felt line and you'll see this focus show, even in their beach cruisers.  

Let's look at the Felt road bike line. 

Felt makes 4 categories of road bike. The AR, F, Z and ZW bikes. Within each category there are multiple bike models.

The Felt AR series are the aerodynamic road bike range. The Felt AR line makes a point of not just looking fast, but being fast. Taking design and engineering techniques used on their triathlon, Felt carryies this technology directly to the Felt road bikes. Each part on each AR bike is designed to minimize wind resistance. Frames made in CFD and wind tunnel and built to cheat the wind.  

F-series models are all about stiffness to weight ratio. Super stiff, yet super light and with excellent handling.

The Felt z series focus on ride quality and fit versatility, comfort for longer rides and a longer wheel base.

The Felt F1 bike is extremely light weight. It uses a modular monococ carbon fiber building process. the main triangle is made as one unit. 900 grams in the frame itself. the new F1 frame is made from multiple items and then other pieces are molded and over-wrapped together. This optimizes the layup of the frame.

Felt uses an "inside out" technology on its carbon fiber frames that virtually eliminates any extra material on the inside of the frame. No inside wrinkling, etc that, though not visible to the eye, is visible to the scale.

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  • joe witherspoon