2013 Felt Bike Line-up Looks Exciting!


Today we received a preview of the 2013 Felt bicycle line-up. An exciting day. 

Our plans for 2013 include doubling our bicycle business and since Felt is our main brand of bikes, our success goes hand in hand with their catalog. We're seeing some great new bikes for 2013 in the works and some good carry overs from the 2012 catalog. 

We sell a lot of Felt cruisers, so we're jazzed to see the new stuff Felt's releasing in the Lifestyle line. An all-new category of bikes is coming out there by way of the 29-er cruiser. Really cool looking bikes that look like they'll be a blast to bomb around town on. Hard to describe what these bikes are but they sure look like fun. 

Many of the other Felt cruisers from the 2011 and earlier line are, while not going away, totally being revamped. Both the El Guapo and the MP Bikes will be re-done on the new DeepSix style frame and it looks like the MP might even come with matching luggage. There's also a 1909 vintage racer bike and a new El Bandito which looks the part. Good stuff. We can't wait to see them and sell them in person!

Felt's 2013 Triathlon bikes are always ground-breaking. Each year their Tri line gets more and more advanced and these look other-worldly. They as well be jet-powered. 

The Felt ZW line has been revamped with some cutting edge styling. 

As we learn more about the Felt 2013 line-up we'll spread what info we can. 


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  • joe witherspoon