Felt's New 29" Cruiser Series



Felt is taking its attention to detail a step further this year with the introduction of a whole new series of Cruisers. New for 2013, Felt is offering a line of 29” Cruisers in addition to our standard Cruisers. Combining all of the style and aesthetic appeal of our traditional Cruisers with the comfort and versatility of 29” wheels, the 29” Cruiser Series will take your next bike adventure to a new level.

The Cantilever frame is the foundation of each of the 29” Cruisers. Each frame is constructed from either aluminum—the best choice for riders who want light weight and maximum corrosion-resistance—or hi-tensile steel, which offers strength and durability at a more affordable price. Felt’s state of the art construction methods allow us to incorporate the swoopy lines and tube shapes that make our cruisers so unique.

One of the highlights of the 29” Cruisers is the unique Sturmey Archer 2-speed kick-back rear hub featured on the Burner and the Rail. Riders will now be able to operate the brake and gears with no hands required. This allows for more efficient pedaling cadence, less maintenance, and no cables to blemish the visual appeal.

So whether you prefer the ride of 29” wheels, high style, or simple, laid-back comfort, there’s a Felt Cruiser with your name all over it. 


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  • joe witherspoon