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The ideal commuter bike, like the ideal job, is one that makes the task of commuting more enjoyable, less like work, like play. If we take the chore and labor aspect out of commuting, or out of working, then the blur of leisure time vs work time is more apparent. Both are more fun.

Using smart, innovative design, the Vanmoof bicycle attempts to accomplish this with a fun, expressive, functional design for a bike that stands out in a very big way. 

We've been living with the Vanmoof now for 60 days or so. Everywhere we take it we are greeted with questions and compliments and joy. It's a bike that brings joy to rider and inquisitiveness to the observer. 

It's a bike you can park in your living room or bedroom and it won't stand out as an eyesore. It's sculpture, really. On a sidewalk, outside a restaurant, or an office, standing on it's one leg, or tied to a bike stand, it stands out makes a statement about design, about art and aesthetics.

And why shouldn't a form of transportation as simple and pure and good as a bicycle also be a form of sculpture?

suburbanbikes / motostrano has the Vanmoof ( pronounced "van-mofe") in our show room for testing, perusing and purchasing.

Small logos. Big technology. Big design. Simple transportation that you will enjoy for many years. It was a Red Dot Design winner!

It's dynomite. Some of the technical features really improve the ride of the bike and make it very functional. The integrated head and tail light are extremely well planned. With a press of a button, the front light becomes a high powered high beam light that lights up like a car. Ie. it's bright. It's not only bright, it's fixed, doesn't vibrate around and doesn't run out of batteries and it doesn't forget to change its own batteries, because it doesn't have any. The light is powered by the front dynamo hub.

Reclaim the streets.

Hows the Ride? The ride is tall. The ride is sure. The ride stands apart, like the bike itself. 28 inch tires eat up the road or un-road and digests it, forgets about it, like all the worries that you'll forget about as you ride the bike around. 

The ride is also very quiet and what little sound the bike does emit, is unique and Vanmoofish.  

Though not totally unique to the world of biking, it should be said that the Vanmoof move around by 3 general types of power:

Pedal power. Like other bikes, simply pushing your foot alternately on each pedal makes the bike go.

Gravity power. Without any pedaling at all, the bike can move around on a hill or slope at a significant pace, purely by the pull of gravity on the bike itself.

Wind power. Though usually not enough to fully push the bike where you want to go, a simple breeze can carry the Vanmoof to many new places.

The chain guard which covers up the chain - which looks like a belt, but isn't - entirely wraps the chain, making it virtually impossible to get your slacks or skirt caught in the chain. 

The Vanmoof is the kind of of bicycle you usually only get to read about in the pages of engadget or other similar blog about design and ideas that sound cool but are only available as an idea. e. most awsome bike designs rarely get off the computer and into the real world. The Vanmoof lept out of its design software a long time ago and is a real bike that you can ride now. 

Our showroom is located in Redwood City directly between San Francisco and San Jose.

Visit our showroom by any method of transportation you wish. If you like, take the Caltrain and call us from the station. We'll meet you
there for a test ride or pick you up to visit or shop. Have fun!

To say these bikes are a work of art is an understatement. They carry design influences from the greatest designers and architects.
Truly unique and truly beautiful.

Visit our shop to experience these amazing, high quality, modern design bicycles.

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