Felt 2013 Cruisers


Apparently we are the only shop in Northern California that cares about cruiser bicycles. What's not to love about these totally awesome and simple machines? 

Coaster brakes. Big wide, comfortable bars. A fat seat that cups your butt like a giant palm. Big old bouncy tires and a swoopy graceful frame that holds it all together. Nothing to maintain. Nothing to break. Get on. Go. Stop. 

Felt is previewing some of their 2013 cruisers next week at Interbike and we're eagerly awaiting our first shipment of these. 

These 29er type cruisers look fun. 

The Felt AKA Cruiser will appeal to the mil folks. It's the all-purpose assault bike for any curb, any trail or stair.

The Felt Burner Cruiser sounds like it will do great burn outs and skids in front of your favorite ice cream parlor. 

From the knobby skinwall tires, to the vinyl padset, to the racing green paint, the Rail is the Cruiser adaptation of a 1980’s BMX racer. Built with oversized 29” wheels, the Rail’s surefooted performance and ride comfort will make any outing a blast. Modern refinements are abundant, like the Sturmey Archer kick-back rear hub which allows you to change gears just by doing a slight back pedal. CroMo cranks and an aluminum wheelset complete this Cruiser build – 80’s clothes sold separately.

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  • joe witherspoon