Schedule A Bicycle Repair Pick-Up at Redwood City Caltrain!


 Suburbanbikes in Redwood City is now offering free bicycle shuttles for commuters who need bicycle repair work and take Caltrain. 

This is a convenient and free service and we're happy to do it. If you take the train and need bike repair, set up an appointment with us and we'll meet you at Caltrain Redwood City, pick up your bike and bring it back the next day or even that afternoon fixed and ready to go.

Give us a days notice. 

Suburbanbikes will meet you at the station and shuttle your bike back to our repair shop. If we can fix it the same day we will and we can meet you back at the station to deliver your bike. This is a free service and a convenience for busy commuters who can't live out their bikes!


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  • joe witherspoon