Bike Seminars For Schools and Parents


Kids Goodie Bags Getting Ready for a Bike Siminar 

Kids don't ride bikes to school any more. School principals discourage it because, they say, it's dangerous to ride a bike to school with so many parents driving their kids. Look on any school web site and you're likely to read a paragraph about the dangers of riding a bike to school, as well as a long list of rules and restrictions about where you can ride your bike, where you can and can't park your bike, etc. Putting this into the school policy is the cheapest way to solve the problem of the dangers of riding a bike to school. 

(image above shows the goodie bags we prepare for kids that attend our seminars)

Bike racks aren't maintained and kept by the trash cans in the back where bikes can't be monitored, increasing the risk of theft. Bike lanes don't exist. 

So, the real reason we don't encourage our kids to ride a bike to school isn't because it's inherently dangerous - it's that the adults driving all the cars are essentially reckless and irresponsible when it comes to providing a safe environment for kids to get to school in anything other than a Chevy Suburban.

We all know it's true. If the car drivers took the morning off and let the kids get to school by bike one day, the time from 7 am to 8 am would be a relaxing, safe, slow ride time for kids to get school. Instead, what we have is adults rushing to dump the kids off at school, often at multiple schools, before bolting off to work.

Of course, it starts at the top down too. How many teachers live within walking or riding distance to or from the schools they teach at? 

Still, for the brave few who are encouraged by their risk-taking parents to hop on a bike and travel at a speed of 7 miles an hour on a piece of metal tube with 2 wheels attached, most schools still do have a bike rack of some sort and tolerate the idea of riding a bike to school AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

This is great. It's even greater when we hear from schools who not only want to increase bike ridership to school, but make it safer and better for kids. 

For this reason, we developed some Seminars for kids at schools designed to get kids a little more familiar with their bikes, how to ride them, how to work on them and how do more with them. 

Our seminar is taught by one or more of our staff and we bring demo bikes for kids to work on and take apart. Knowing how a bike actually works and stays together is a great way for them to feel more confident on their bikes and they can help other kids with their bikes more easily too. 

Teaching kids is one thing, we also encourage parents to attend our seminars. Parents who drop their kids off at school need to be reminded that kids are on bikes near schools. Parents can remind other parents too. 

If you are interested increasing bike ridership at your High School, Middle School or Elementary School - give us a call!

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