Vanmoof bikes are the ultimate SF Hipster bike $929 (redwood city)



Vanmoof bikes are the ultimate SF Hipster bike - $929 (redwood city)

Date: 2012-10-22, 12:33PM PDT
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Really, Vanmoof bikes are the ultimate SF Hipster bike. Look at it.

There's bikes that appear to be hipster bikes all over San Francisco, but there are only a handful of the venerable Vanmoof bikes roaming the streets of the city and those that are were purchased at a small shop located down here on the Peninsula where the fog dares not go. Suburbanbikes / Motostrano.

Say, for instance, you live in the city and work at a high-tech start-up in Silicon Valley that requires to you to arrive to work both stylishly and without the normal physical/mental stress that comes with an automobile creeping along the 101 in traffic stuck behind 25 minivans. Vanmoofs solve both the style requirement and the mobility requirement in a way that will cause other lessor hipsters to raise an eyebrow and peer over their Dostoevsky novesl in the lounge chair at Ritual Coffee Hayes Valley as you ride by them without batteries to power your integrated Philiips head and tail lights. Vanmoof are like that and think "that's cool".

These are bikes for design geeks, veeps and advertising pay-per-action dorks. They are also for people who enjoy Leni Riefenstahl films and who stay up late to order the new iPhone. 

You can see and touch a Vanmoof at Suburbanbikes- a store within a store, within a cafe in the SOWO district of Redwood City.

We have a sound system that plays reggae dub music while you shop.

The yellow thing you see on the frame is a sticker that peels off to reveal an etched logo. There's no other branding on the bike. Subdued.

Suburbanbikes / motostrano has the Vanmoof ( pronounced "van-mofe") in our show room for testing, perusing and purchasing. Hand crafted in the Netherlands, these bikes are a joy to own and ride or just look at from the comfort of your sofa, perched atop your coffee table.

The VanMoof is the hyper-mixing of design and functionality. It's a work of art that is also an object that takes you from punot A to punto B, with many conversations along the way. It inspires others to question you about it's functionality and technology and communicates hope
and inspiration for new things.

Small logos. Big technology. Big design. Simple transportation that you will enjoy for many years. It was a Red Dot Design winner! Wooptido.

Visit our showroom by any method of transportation you wish, even a giant vintage American Cadillac. If you like, take the Caltrain and call us from the station. We'll meet you there for a test ride or pick you up to visit or shop. 

Have fun!

Unique. Beautiful.

Visit our shop to experience these amazing, high quality, modern design bicycles.

Suburbanbikes is at 926 Broadway St, Redwood City. CA 94063

call/text 650-918-6259


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