Cruiser Tires For Your Awesome Beach Cruiser


There are beach cruisers and then there are awesome beach cruisers and to really make it to the awesome category your bike should have some classy looking "balloon tires". 

A typical balloon tire is typically styled after some of the early boardtracker motorbikes of yesteryear with longish lines going up and down the tire and the wider the tire is the better. 

Our favorite cruiser tires are made Felt and distributed by us, Suburbanbikes / Motostrano. Felt really did a great job in the design of these tires making them the most vintage looking and widest tires you can put on your bike. 

There are 3 main models of the Felt cruiser tire:

There's the Felt Quick Brick tire that is made with a classic balloon tire look and to fit 26" wheels. 

There's the Felt Thick Brick tire that is made for the 24" wheels and is made extra wide, to fit up to a 3" wide rim. 

There's the Felt Berm Master tire which is an old-school style dirt / mountain bike tire that originally came on the Vintage Iron replica bikes from a few years back. 

These tires are known both for their looks and their performance. A lot of guys customize their bike with motors and these tires will take a motorized beating too. 


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  • joe witherspoon