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This week we had a blast over at the Carey School - private elementary school - where Justin Wilson had the pleasure of giving our Young Riders Bike Clinic for kids.

The kids were excited to learn about riding and taking care of bikes while at school! And who wouldn't be? Our Young Riders Clinic is a fun hour long activity led by a Suburbanbikes staff professional and is intended to help kids become better riders, while promoting safe riding to and from school campuses. 

More kids riding to school is good for everyone as long as kids are trained about riding safely. 

Some of the things we cover at our clinics are helmet use and adjustment, bike set-up and adjustment, bike ownership and maintenance, tire pressure, tools needed, reflectors and traffic laws and norms. 

Our staff takes special time to speak to kids, offer hands outs and make the clinic a fun hands-on event.

Suburbanbikes’ 1 hour Bicycle Workshop For Kids is a fun and useful program for schools and organizations interested in increasing bicycle safety for kids on and off campus. Additionally, kids who attend the course will learn about bike maintenance and bike selection, helping kids to have greater independence while riding their bikes.

If your school would like us to set up a clinic please contact us! Suburbanbikes will send a qualified bike mechanic to your school and speak with groups up to 20. We’ll go over basic bike adjustments and set-up, safety checks, regular maintenance and even do a tire change. We’ll cover the terminology of the bikes themselves and learn about some of the tools needed to adjust and maintain a bike.

We make the clinic fun. We have a goody bag of bike stuff and this is a hands on clinic that help kids ride safely to school.

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