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Among our core focuses at Suburbanbikes / Motostrano over the past 3 years has been Electric Bikes. We like them. We own them. We sell them. We ride them and recommend them to customers looking for an alternative to a car or a motorcycle. 

We have, you could say, sort of become an electric bike store, without focusing on electric bicycles exclusively. As a motorcycle shop too, we are always interested in motorized travel for sport and commute.

Our philosophy is that bicycles should be for fun and for work and if you can combine them both and effectively use bicycles in your daily life, bikes make life better for communities. We're not biased towards no-motor or motor. We enjoy and offer both.

Customers coming to our store will find that our staff is well-versed in electric bicycles, not just because we have a job in a store that happens to sell electric bikes, but because we actually believe in them as a means for transportation. 

Commuting on a bicycle is fun, easy and affordable.  

As our store is located in the midst of Silicon Valley in California, here society thrives on technology while at the same time being very affluent, our customers are interested in the best electric bicycles that they can own. The range of bicycles we we carry represents this customer base and our store in Redwood City stocks a variety of electric bikes including those by Stromer, Ultra Motor and Grace. 

Electric bikes make great commuters for people commuting more than a few miles. A 7 mile commute involving hills is normally not something most people enjoy doing. 

Visit our store at your convenience to try one of our bikes and buy a great electric bike for your commute. 

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