Suburbanbikes To Carry Grace Electric Bikes



Through a combination of great product design and online networking, the gadget-oriented blogosphere has been starving for the Grace electric bicycle to make its way to the United States for a few years. It's fast. It looks good. It's German. That dream will becoming a reality next spring when GRACE bikes will grace us with their presence and Suburbanbikes will be their dealer in California.

There's a lot we don't know about the Grace electric bike still, but we're betting on it being a hit here in the United States and particularly where we operate - Silicon Valley. Suburbanites located along the San Francisco peninsula enjoy technology and the they often live in hilly areas, where scooting around on a regular bike is a pain and getting in a car just basically sucks as usual. 

Traveling by e-bike is like owning the latest iPhone. It's freaking cool. 

Available as the Grace One Electric Bike or the Grace Easy Electric Bike.

The Grace is like that. Available at Suburbanbikes for pre-order now.

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  • joe witherspoon