Custom Rat Rod Bike Builds



Over the next few months we've sketched out a series of bike builds we'll be making, featuring and selling to our customers. Along the way, we'll post photos and writings about our work so you can hang out during the builds and keep up with our projects. Our bikes will be complete and ready to ride, using the best components available from the bicycle world, ported to the cruiser platform - a platform that's not used to featuring performance-oriented parts. Custom Performance Cruisers.

Our bikes are built to look and ride good. Our bikes are for clients who enjoy the laid-back ride and the classic custom look of a cruiser, but who also enjoy a bike that doesn't ride like shit. Our bikes are bicycles you will want to park in your living room or kitchen, when you're not riding them, just to soak in the well of inspiration and imagination they instill in you.

We'll also take build requests and projects directly: if you have something in mind that you'd like to realize, contact us about getting your idea transformed into a reality. 

At the moment we're working on this Felt mod that when done will look clean, custom and dark and it will also be a very ride-able bike. We've still got some work to do.

So far we've taken a stock Felt steel frame off another bike and stripped it to the bone, leaving the paint alone. We mounted up some wide all black Thick Brick tires to black 24 inch wheels with silver nipples and black spokes. We put some burly front BMX forks, black and will using the PAKE chopped bars, chromed out Felt cruiser cranks, teethy steel pedals and a sharp looking Cardiff saddle. 

Piecing it all together has been challenging and fun.

This one is not finished. The bike hasn't told us it's name yet. For now we're teasing it and calling it El Gringo, or El Chopo, or Michonne. We have toyed with the thought about adding a holster for a machete and calling it The Machete. 

We still need to get the bars right, figure out whether to leave the paint as is, decide if fenders are in order and select a chain. What grips? When done this bike should sell for about $1400. We're taking orders now. There will only be 2 or 3 of these made in this form.

We recently built and sold our Felt XTC Performance Cruiser and we are taking orders for future builds. This bike featured 26" tires and a color scheme of black/red/white. Using a Felt frame and parts from road, fixie and bmx we created a one-of-a-kind ride that improves the original cruiser concept and performance of the ride itself and looks modern. This is a sportbike, with a sporty look to it. I see it parked at a local basketball court while the boys go at it and play hoops. Ride this bike with some big white Nike hightops.


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