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 It was easy to fall for the Grace electric bikes. First of all, we're suckers for good European design and the latest in two wheeled transportation technology. Admittedly, there's a blind faith in European design standards, or anything they talk about over at Engadget. But, the Grace bikes are not only European, they're German, which puts these bikes on a brand shelf next to BMW, Mercedes, etc. Attainable, reliable, quality.

As a symbol of the future of motorized private transportation, the Grace presents itself with a very futuristic design. We like that.

Last week we test road the Grace Easy electric bike and the Grace ONE. This chance encounter with a very unique bike made for some great discussions around our store - Suburbanbikes / Motostrano, which is filled with all types of electric bicycles.

I don't think we need to make up a big essay about the Grace Easy to convince you that it's great. It's a unique design. It's very light weight. It rides like a regular bike and is very comfortable.

We'll be selling the GRACE Easy here out of our store and we are currently taking pre-orders for it now.

The Grace ONE, on the other hand, is another story altogether. The Grace ONE reminds me of the Ultra Motor A2B Metro, on steroids, designed by Steve Jobs. The Grace ONE is substantial. It's a torpedo. It's exhilarating. It is, to my mind, what motorcycles will one day be like. By comparison, light weight. Incredible handling. Very usable speed.

Able to run at 30MPH, the Grace ONE is not a bicycle. It's also not a moped. This is really in a class all its own and that's why it' won't be coming to the United States any time soon. It's too fast to be road legal. It's too slow and too expensive to warrant getting a license and insurance and all that.

Riding the ONE with a standard bicycle helmet, didn't feel secure. You'd want some upgraded motorcycle inspired riding gear to be safe on this bike. Something like the Alpinestars CITY collection, along with a scooter helmet would be in order to be safe on this bike. 

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  • joe witherspoon