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At Suburbanbikes we pride our selves on being different than all of the other shops around us. We feel we're doing something different, offering something unique and offering something the community needs in a bike shop in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

As the owner of Suburbanbikes, I was born and raised right here in San Mateo and so I have a unique perspective, I think, about doing business in the bike world here. Each day, myself and my employees are involved in re-inventing, changing and evolving our company to better fit the needs of our customers, increase sales and bring things in that customers will want to check out and own. It's not rocket science, but it does take effort and time and we hope it shows. 

Here are some of the things we feel we are doing different than other shops in the area: 

  • We're not bike snobs. We like bikes as much as the next guy or gal, but whether you roll up with a super-duper high end road bike, or bent wheel bike with bugs crawling all over it, you're still going to be greeted with the same level of respect and gratitude for your business.
  • We're quick. Showing up to a shop to bring your bike in for a tune-up to be told that there's a 2 month wait for service just isn't acceptable. If we can't get your bike back to you in under a week we likely won't take the job, unless for special circumstances like a custom build, etc. We don't give our labor away for free, so we don't have mobs of people lined up for free lousy service at our store like you'll see at some of the chain stores. 
  • We're honest. If you bring your bike to our store for service we'll do honest work and charge you for work that is done. We're not going to charge you for work we didn't do. We're not going to recommend work you don't need. 
  • We're honest. If you bring your bike in for a tire change and your tires are in good shape, you get your tires back. We don't keep them in back and sell them on Ebay on the side. 
  • We're complete. Like a really good auto mechanic, when we're done with your work we don't just hand you bill and show you the door, we give you a few minutes of time to explain all the work we did, what we noticed along the way and we provide you any recommendations we can think of that you may encounter as you leave our store and have fun with your bike. 
  • We're convenient. We're conveniently located in Redwood City, off Woodside Road right off the 101. Zip in and Zip out. It's easy. If you can't make to our store, call us, we'll even pick up your bike and drop it off for you by car. 
  • We're cool. We play some really killer music in our store when you visit. We almost always have good, interesting tunes playing in the store for you to listen to. 
  • We have a good selection. We try to offer bikes that you can't quite get at other shops. Bikes that stand out a little, whether in terms of uniqueness of design, looks or performance. 
  • We're community-friendly. Bike shops are an asset to any community. Bikes make communities better, healthier and less traffic congested. If your school, church or recreation center would like to offer a bike safety or bike service seminar, we would love to help and visit your school. 
  • We're easy. We are not a big chain store. When you visit our store or buy something you're not going to be bombarded with all kinds of goofy sales programs, gift card promos or credit card offers. There's no club to join and we won't spam you with unwanted emails, unless you want us to by joining our newsletter.
  • We're different. Not every shop you go to sells Felt bikes, or Stromer bikes, or Vanmoof bikes or Marin bikes. That's a good thing. We also don't sell any of the over-played brands like Specialized or Trek or the sub-par brands, so you know that when you come to Suburbanbikes, you're going to get a quality, unique bicycle that comes with a full warranty. 
  • We're true. If you buy a bike from us and it breaks on you we're not going to tell you its your fault. If a bike breaks within the warranty period and the bike was ridden properly your warranty will cover with you and we'll go to bat for you with the manufacturer.

Had enough? We're not trying to say that we're the best bike shop in the world, or in the Bay Area, or our town. We are trying to say that we are here to build and constant evolve our bike shop to be the kind of bike shop we'd want to have in our own town. 

We want to be the kind of bike shop that a new or returning rider can walk into and feel comfortable asking "stupid questions", or that a seasoned rider can experience and get expert advice from people who know what they are talking about from experience, without leading them astray or pretending that we know more than they do or otherwise. 

In other words, as with our parent company, Motostrano, we want to be a a NO BS type of store. Nothing fancy. Kind of a hole in the wall, but filled with great stuff and backed by great service. 

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