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In conjunction with their new owners at BMC Switzerland, Stromer electric bikes will be bringing in some all-new electric bike models for 2013. We'll keep you posted as to their delivery and testing once they come in. 

Meanwhile we have a full stock of the 2012 models and the bikes we have on the road have been pleasing customers to no end. These bikes live up to all of their promises and then some. When we had a few warranty issues caused by mis-configured controllers at the factory, Stromer USA was very accommodating in helping us make the bikes right again for our customers and get them back on the road.

E-bikes, by their very nature, are more complicated and quirky than a traditional bicycle and many aspects of the technology used on them is new. Over the course of my many years building and selling electric bicycles to customers, I've talked to many end users who bought bikes of lower cost, typically Chinese knock-offs with some catchy sticker thrown on them to make them seem green or techy or worthy of a mention on Engadget but that in the end didn't hold up to even the most basic use or abuse from customers. That's not good for any one involved, except maybe the Chinese manufacturers. 

Suburbanbikes is interested in building long lasting relationships with its customers, not one-time sales that quickly go south down warranty hell. We refuse to sell Chinese knock-off branded e-bikes, or traditional bikes, for these reasons. The last thing we want to do is sell some one a bicycle that in 2 years or 3 years won't have replacement parts available or the manufacturer has moved on to other ventures and this seems to be happening a lot in the e-bike world still. 

Our e-bike line, we feel, is very solid. Backed by Ultra Motor, Stromer and some new comers who have some solid designs that we're trying out in the cargo space.

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