Most Bike Shops Won't Work On Electric Bicycles. We do.


Suburbanbikes / Motostrano in Redwood City has been servicing electric bicycles for 4 years. We will service all brands and we offer two levels of tune-up

A/ Basic Tune-Up. Combines the essentials of a standard bicycle tune-up with the required regular maintenance involved in an electric bicycle: controller, wiring, motor, batter. This tune-up is recommended on your daily commuter bike every 3-4 months.

B/ Extended Tune-Up. Includes everything in Basic Tune-Up plus a complete tear-down of your bike, including all  wiring, application of electro-grease and cleaning. We follow the full tune specs as provided by your bike's  manufacturer and we check for any firmware/software updates that have been posted about your bike.

We recommend that you keep your electric bike in a good state of tune both for rider safety and bike longevity.  Electric bikes, just like standard bikes, or other motorized vehicle, need to be maintained and checked for safety and to ensure that optimal performance is available to you at all times.

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  • joe witherspoon