Ultra Motor A2B Metro - Electrc Get-To-Work Horse


I love the Ultra Motor A2B Metro. To my mind it's the most refined, comfortable and reliable electric bike on the market. The Metro has been on the market for a number of years now, so it's tried and tested. You'll find the Metro in popular tourist spots where they're used for touring around town, so you know they are worked hard every day, both for leisure and work. 

The Metro is great for commuting to work. It's comfortable, fast and solid. To my mind, the last thing you want for a commuter e-bike is a stiff, sport bike that feels like it should be on the race track. If you're in the market for an e-bike you're likely looking for some comfort, as well as transportation on 2 wheels. The Metro fits that need quite well with a comfortable cruiser-like seat, wide handle bars and a foot forward riding position. 

This is a great bike for commuting longer distances on the street and it will do well on paths too. With the big wide tires, if your commute involves any fast downhill jaunts, the bike will remain stable and sure at speeds well up past 40 mph. 

Any bike bought at Suburbanbikes/Motostrano receives the full set-up treatment. One of the things we do to all our Metros is replace the rear shock with a much better unit, free of charge. 

Unlike a lot of electric bikes on the market, the Metro is well-appointed with any accessory you might need: front light, rear light, fenders, mirror, speedy. It's all there. There's even a rack. Calculate the standard features you get with the Metro and you'll see there's a few hundred bucks you don't need to invest in your new bike because it comes with it. And the lights are integrated with the bike's battery. 

The A2B Metro- recommended by Suburbanbikes.

Ultra Motor A2B Metro Tech Highlights by UltraMotorUSA

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  • joe witherspoon