A Nice Day For A Vanmoof in Napa


Living so close to Napa and Sonoma Valleys, it's too easy to forget about the natural and man-made beauty that thrives all around us. For us it's an hour away. For the rest of the world it's a beautiful place outside of San Francisco with countless wineries, beautiful scenery and wonderful restaurants.  

Easy to forget, yet so simple to remember.

I run my business and spend 6 days a week at it. It's rare that I can stop and take the time out we all need to take once in a while and enjoy life. This is my life and my hobby and it feeds my family. 

So when a customer recently ordered up a Vanmoof bicycle from us and wanted it delivered, something just didn't seem right in my mind. "Why is this bike going to Napa tomorrow and I am not?" I thought to myself the day before. 

It was quickly decided that this bicycle would be hand delivered to its new owner by its current owner, me. A fitting idea, too, for a beautiful bicycle like the Vanmoof, that shouldn't be roughed up too much in the hands of UPS.

There's an enormous pleasure I get from selling bicycles to people. It gives them so much pleasure. Money is not the issue with bikes and if it is, it has tainted the bike birthing process. Some bikes can be priceless. Some bikes can be free. Some bikes can be gifts. Delivering a bicycle to some one for Christmas is a great thing too. Who doesn't want a new bicycle for Christmas?

The Vanmoof is not just any bicycle and you see this at first sight. It's different at first sight, second sight and all the sights. It shouts out a quiet style that gives any one who sees it a playful hopefulness. The idea of delivering a Vanmoof to Napa, not just any bike, made the idea of delivering a bike to Napa that much more interesting.

I called my wife at 11 the next day and asked her if she wanted to have lunch, in Napa in about an hour. "Oh, hmm, uh, ok... uh, sure," she said and soon we were on our way. 

It's not bad being a delivery boy when your work map includes San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay and Sonoma County. 

The exit of the Napa Valley basically spills and drips its way into the San Francisco Bay. The drive was pleasing and the leaves on the trees were still brown. The Vineyards too were brown and yet the ground was a bright fresh green and the temperature was in the forties.

On the way up we decided to have lunch at Mustard's, a place we've never been to before. I knew we didn't have much time.

Once the bike was delivered, we made our way to the restaurant. If you go to Napa on the weekend, Mustard's is always packed.

We showed up just in time and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. I had the tostada lunch and a Sauvignon Wine Flight. My view from the table looked up a small peak with a winery that looked like a small castle on top of it. My attention drifted away from whatever my wife was talking about too many times, but the scenery outside and the imaginations it inspired were too great. "Maybe I could open up a bike shop here. Maybe we could do bike tours here."

We finished off with some kind of mind-blowing desert and some coffee. 

After our meal was done it was time to get back to the fantasy of working and all of that. We took the Marin route home, coming in through the hills and over the Golden Gate Bridget. It was really a nice day to give and get a Vanmoof.

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  • joe witherspoon