The Vanmoof Is A Memorable Bicycle



From a distance, or from up close, the Vanmoof speaks volumes of design heritage, philosophy and creativity- all in a package that you can ride around town.

It's a bicycle that - when not ridden - can be hung on a wall and appreciated as art.

But it's a work of art that is a very competent and agile mode of urban transportation. And it's well equipped.

Being not ugly is not easy as a bicycle. There are lots of ugly bicycles for them to emulate. There are lots of normal bicycles. The Vanmoof is not one of those . The Vanmoof is a memorable ride.

We said it's well equipped and it is. An integrated Phillips head and tail light powered by a front hub generator. Front and rear fenders. A kick stand. It even has a seat.

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  • joe witherspoon