Riding The Trails at Costanoa


The area south of Pescadero and around Anno Nuevo preserve is one of the last wild places on the coast of both San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties. Just a half hour north or south and you're back in the bustle of civilization, but out here in the middle of the 2 counties there's really a state of wilderness that's unbelievably thriving and it easily grows on you.

Each time I venture out this way I encounter amazing sights, sounds and experiences. One time it was a giant wild elephant seal sleeping in a creek on the beach. Another time I shared the beach with 4 nude sunbathing women who seemed to also be performing a type of gnostic ritual on the beach. Normally, though it's the surf, the beach and the nature. It's as close we can get to Big Sur without actually being in Big Sur

The land out this way is relatively pristine, though it's been cultivated and harvested over the years since the time of the Spanish ranchos. Before that it was coastal natives who roamed the shores, along with the California grizzly bear. 

The bike riding is awe inspiring. 

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  • joe witherspoon