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I was reading an article over at The Atlantic Cities that discussed the gender gap in bicycle riding this morning. The topic is something I've reflected on quite a bit, particularly given the fact that in bicycling the gender gap is much smaller than it is currently in motorcycling. Five or so years ago, our moto business at Motostrano probably counted 20 or 30% women in our customer base. In the last 2 years, I've noticed that the percentage of women customers has dropped basically to near zero, both for accessories and clothing. Women are just not riding motorcycles any longer it seems. 

But over in our bicycle department women seem to increasingly be looking at bicycles as a smart and healthy way to get around and to stay fit. I think it's wonderful and we greet the women coming to our store for a new bike, or bike service warmly. Women want to stay fit, they want to exercise and they want to get out of their cars and live. Cars are nice and comfy and safe, but they often leave us stuck in traffic, or caught hunting for parking, adding to stress levels and reducing our overall health. 

Because Suburbanbikes started life primarily as a lifestyle company, not performance, we have a strong leaning towards comfort bikes and the Felt range appeals to women looking for a high quality bike for either commuting or leisure riding. But Felt is also super strong in the women's performance category and we see women looking for entry to mid-level road bikes, as well as entry to mid-level Triathlon bikes. Felt has poured on the R&D in their women's line and it shows by proper ergonomics and features that appeal to women. 

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  • joe witherspoon