People ride for different reasons and from all over the place


Our customers visit us from all over Northern California. Jenny bought a new Felt Triathlon bike and came down from Sacramento. Becca from Redwood City picked up a light weight Felt Cafe Bike to commute on and to tool around town. Dawn came in from San Mateo to pick up a bike to get active again - she hadn't been on a bike in 20 years. Julie from San Carlos wants to get a new Mountain Bike because her old one got stolen and the cruiser she won just isn't cutting it. Carrie from South San Francisco picked up a new Felt B12 Triathlon bike and is kicking some butt in local duathlon races. All of these women are riding and whatever your riding abilities, needs or wants, we have a bike for you and we'll take the time to make sure you're comfortable on a bike that's suitable for your needs. 

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  • joe witherspoon