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Deciding which products to accept into our store, promote and offer our customers is always a work-in-progress, particularly when it comes to e-bikes. Recently we brought in the BH Easy Motion Electric Bikes and we are getting great results from this electric bike platform so far. 

The BH Easy Motion Neo Cross is less expensive than a Stromer, uses a less powerful motor, but has many of the same bells and whistles, coupled with a lower overal weight, in an equally good looking and streamlined package. Although we never tested the GRACE Easy with a battery, the BH feels a lot like the Grace, actually. The company's marketing says it's the "electric bike that doesn't look like one". True that. 

There are a lot of different models in the BH line-up. We've honed in on 4 main models that span the range of pure commuter, to a competent MTB, an actual e-powered road bike and a standard 29er. These are the models we are supporting so far with the BH line-up and we may add more. (We look to our customers feedback for input on what models we should carry, so please let us know and visit our store for a test ride of these bikes. We can always special order the model you want.) 

The overall finish of the BH bikes are superior to most other stuff on the market. Components are surprisingly well integrated. The standard BH Easy Motion Neo Hybrid gets hydraulic brakes, and lots of gears. These are features you pay more for in a other bikes and the Neo Hybrid clocks in at just $2699.00, which is a bargain for what you get. 

The bike is a good BIKE. Ie. remove the motor and battery and this is a good bicycle to ride around on. Solid feel and light weight. Once you turn the motor off most e-bikes you get a heavy, hard to pedal dead weight that's not fun to ride. This one still works as a standard bike. It weighs just 45 lbs. 

The Easy Motion bikes have both pedal assist and throttle modes available. The controller is easy to use and compact. 

At just 350 Watts, the little rear wheel-motor on the bike has try harder than your average 500 watt motor that you may get on a Stromer or an A2B, but this thing goes, albeit with a little more motor noise than its competitors. 

Thanks to the light weight, the little motor has an easier time of getting up to 20mph than other bikes even though it's smaller. 

So far, we've put the bike through a distance and hill test that we run all of our e-bikes through. The BH Neo Hybrid E-Bike performed on par or better than both the Stromer Elite and Ultra Motor A2B. The range of any e-bike dwindles dramatically whenever you throw a major hill in its path. Our 7 mile commute involves a few miles of stop and go suburban traffic, a 2 mile climb up hill, followed by a steep grade hill climb to the finish. This is torture for any e-bike and drops any claimed 20 or 40 mile range claims down to just about 7-10 miles, tops, when traveling at top speed. 

In our first test, because we forgot to charge the battery fully, we began the test with 3/5 of a charge on the battery. We thought for sure we'd be stuck 3/4 way through the test. Both the Stromer and A2B would have conked out somewhere at the 5 or 6 mile mark at this level of charge. The BH got all the way through the test, even the hills, on just a 3/5 charge. Impressive. Power maintenance is important on your e-bike. You can't just stop at a gas station on your way home from work if you forget to fill-up before you left. The BH passed a crucial test in this regard. 

On/off power is good. Not quite as quick to get to 20mph as the Stromer, but once it's there it holds it. On pedal assist mode this is a great bike to pedal and get a good work out on at a good clip. It's comfortable, rides like a standard hybrid bike and has a great front suspension. 

The front tires are more narrow than those on a Stromer, which certainly helps the bike's speed, but decreases the bike's feeling of stability. The tires feel more like a road bike rather than a hybrid or path bike. 

Like the Stromer, but not like the Ultra Motor, the BH bikes don't come with lights, mirrors, fenders or racks. 

The motor noise on the BH, though not annoying, is certainly noticeable. The Stromer and A2B bikes are very quiet by comparison. 

We are liking these bikes, in case you can't tell. The quest for the lightest, best-made and fastest e-bike backed by a good company with great customer service and warranty will continue is something we'll always be working on. The BH is so far a worthy product for you to consider in your hunt for the perfect e-bike. 

So what are you waiting for? Stop researching and get to our store and buy one of these great bikes!

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  • joe witherspoon