Electric Bicycles in Silicon Valley


Electric Bicycle use in Silicon Valley would seem like a no-brainer. A high-tech working population. Excellent weather. Lots of commuters. Still, many of us are just stuck in the idea that we have to get to work by car. We pay too much for gas. Too much for insurance, maintenance and we also pay in both our physical and mental health through lack of daily exercise and unnecessary stress  from being stuck in traffic, going round and round hunting for parking. 

The fact is, if you live and work within 15 miles from your home, an electric bicycle isn't just a novelty - it's ideal way to get get to and from work. It can save you money, time and improve your overall living in ways you wouldn't normally expect. We just need to change the way we think about getting to work. 

Here's some examples

  • with an electric bicycle you can bypass all the traffic on 101 and El Camino and get to work refreshed and exuberant. Commuting up and down the 101 can be a drag in a car. On a bike, it's a breeze. We think of commuting being faster by car, because cars are faster, but once you throw in traffic, commuting by bicycle is basically the same speed a car. 
  • with an electric bike you don't need to hop in your car at lunch to get into town. Hop on your bike, avoid the mad rush of getting the best parking place - you get to park on the sidewalk, steps from where you're having lunch. 
  • many car commuters think they have to commute by car because they live on a big hill and it's too hard to bike. With an electric bicycle you can still get a good ride in, but not get defeated each day on the way home by that giant hill. 

Suburbanbikes in Redwood City offers electric bikes to individuals, as well as companies, looking to add a fleet of electric bikes to their employees as a benefit. 

We sell and service electric bikes for commuting and assisted travel. 

Customers range from Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, San Jose, San Mateo, Redwood City, San Carlos and Belmont. Actually, our customers visit us from all over Northern California. 

Our store is located on a quiet street, ideal for test drives

Suburbanbikes sells only the better quality electric bicycles. These are bikes that have been proven to hold up and to work year after year.  Regular maintenance will involve simple bicycle maintenance. 

Check with your company's CEO or HR department to see if they would be interested in trying a pilot program, offering electric bicycles as a new mode of transportation to its employees. Instead of investing in the ills of commuting, your company can invest in healthy employees that are more productive because they are getting to work happier and refreshed in the first place! 

One way to offer an electric bike program is to have your company offer an electric bike share program starting with 3 or 4 bikes. Allow employees to check-out the bikes and reserve them for specific days. 

Check in with your employees to see what they like and don't like about commuting by electric bicycle. 

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