Bicycles For Personal Transformation


Bicycles for transformation? Yea! When we think of bicycles, the first things that come to mind are probably transportation and/or fitness.  But, I've come to realize that once some one gets the idea to go out and buy a new bicycle, they are more often involved in some kind of personal transformation and it is a very positive one and they radiate a glow of change and positiveness. 

When they are looking to add a bicycle to their lives they are looking at making a change. They are interested in getting out of their house or cars more often. They want to walk less, or stop taking the bus. They want to take a different route, wether to work, or home, or to friends. They want to slow down. They want to get their blood flowing and use the bike a as tool to improve their living condition, their physical health and their mental well-being. 

Often, people are looking to rekindle a sense of youth and curtail the ills of growing old by doing something that they used to do all the time when they were younger- cycling. This is a great achievement and we see the fire in their eyes every day. We see the upside down reflection in their shining eyes of all adventures they are dreaming of experiencing on their bike. The places they'll go. The memories they'll relive. The futures they'll bump into. 

There's no perfect bike. When a customer is seeking "the perfect bike", this adds an impossible reality to the goal of transformation. Finding "the perfect bike", is really a personal set-back, a barrier, to the transformation we know we need. There's no "perfect bike" and just by the fact that some one is seeking "the perfect bike", we know they are on the wrong path towards their goal of transformation. They're side tracked and stuck. It's ok. Once they get their bike, they'll be on track again.

Because in reality, any bicycle can facilitate transformation and each type can unfold different adventures. 


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  • joe witherspoon