The Stromer ST1 Elite Electric Bicycle Has Come To San Francisco


 It's here. We've been waiting. You've been waiting and you've ordered it, in advance. It's here. The Stromer ST1 Elite Electric Bike

This is the Stromer Electric bike, available both as the ELITE and PLATINUM models, and highly regarded as the best consumer ready e-bike on the market. The 2013 model has some light modifications that make this bike unique on the market and this bike is offered in both a 20MPH and a 30MPH top speed version. 

The Stromer electric bike is ideal for commuting and personal transportation in and around San Francisco. It has the power to climb any of San Francisco's famous hills and it has the ride comfort that can eat up San Francisco's rough streets. 

Stealthy. High-Tech and powerful. The Stromer is  a cool commuting tool if you need to get to work quickly and without big blotchy sweat marks in your arm pits, your back and butt crack....  Ideal for the roads ofSan Francisco, imagine being able to head out to your destination without producing emissions, parking fees or traffic? 



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  • joe witherspoon