Great Buy: The Felt Curbside Fixed Gear


Some things are too good to pass up. We recently stocked up on the last unit of the very cool fixed gear from Felt, the Felt Curbside. When the Curbside came out in 2011 it was a smash hit. No one was making a bike with these kinds of features, this attention to detail, these kind of graphics, these kinds of parts. The bike just stands out. 

In fact, it stands out so much that, when it came out, it got us yearning for something more toned down and boring. Which is unfortunate because now there's no cool stand-out bike like the Curbside to be had in any bike maker's line-up. 

But it's ok, because you can still get the Felt Curbside Fixed Gear Bike at our store in big boy sizes. 

There's not a lot off cool factory fixed gear bikes out there right now. Grab a Curbside for a cool new single speed ride. 

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  • joe witherspoon