A2B Ultra Motor, Relaunched and Reloaded


Though we didn't make it to the RSVP relaunch event in San Francisco - too busy training new employees - we got the details about the new A2B relaunch by phone and press release from our folks at Ultra Motor - now A2B. 

A2B has always been the company's flagship e-bike. Everyone pretty much called them A2B anyway, so the name change was easy and we like it. 

What we like even more is the A2B Metro, now called the A2B Shima e-bike, unleashed and given some wings. The bike, still with the same uber comfortable ride, wide tires, front and rear suspension can now cruise at e-speeds up to 28MPH. 

28 MPH is a good fast speed. 20 is a good speed, but it can leave you wanting more, even if you know you don't need it. 

With the Stromer Platinum now out, also pumping out 28mph-ish speeds, it's good to have the A2B in the same ballpark but with greater comfort, more features and less price than the Stromer. 

It's still not light in weight, but as a point a to b cruiser the A2B is a bike you can ride every day. 

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  • joe witherspoon