Pre-Order Your Italjet Electric Cruiser Now


Suburbanbikes / Motostrano is now taking pre-orders for the all-new range of electric cruisers from ITALjet. Bikes are slated to arrive in June, 2013. 

Sexy, sleek, vintage and modern at once, these bikes are being sold exclusively in the United States by Suburbanbikes / Motostrano.

Interested riders and collectors of fine two-wheel transportation concepts can use the Suburbanbikes web site or our retail showroom for product discovery, testing and purchasing. 

Inspired by the moto-aesthetics of vintage racers, the Italjet electric bicycles bring with them an updated heritage of technology and design.

Suburbanbikes / Motostrano now offers the Italjet Diablo e-bike and the Italjet Diablo One Electric Cruiser. Each e-bike provides owners with a cost-effective mode of transportation that is both ecological and philosophically relevant for our times. 

Each bike will carry a 1 year warranty and is backed by Suburbanbikes' technical service experience. 

Bikes are shipped nationwide 80% assembled. 

These e-bikes are so well suited for our customers. Motostrano/ Suburbanbikes has zeroed in on the bike, vintage moto,  italian moto and the e-bike moto space for so long, this bike is speaks to all that and more. 



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  • joe witherspoon