Easy Motion Electric Bike Customer Testimonial


  Customer Testimonial

My name is Laurie Benson. I have always loved bicycling. My family is very active (my husband, Chris, has completed several marathons and 4 Iron Man triathlons). Chris is a physician, and my background is in teaching and counseling. I love working with people especially in the areas of motivation and goal-setting. We live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. As an active family, we are also extremely interested in nutrition. I have been involved in setting up a community garden this past year to encourage families in our area to take a bigger interest in nutrition. The garden will also be a teaching garden for students in many of the schools in our community. I am writing to you because I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 11 years ago. During that time, I have gradually had more difficulty riding a bike for any length of time to the point where it has become more of a frustration than a pleasure. We have a tandem bike that I ride with my husband (we have had it for about 20 years and have a lot of fun riding it together). When we were on a trip in Europe a couple of years ago, I saw an article about Swiss bikes. This was the first article I read about e bikes. In the past year, we have read much more about e bikes in the US. About a month ago, I was able to test ebikes out for the first time when we were at a gymnastics meet in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I cannot even begin to describe how much fun these bikes are!!! For the first time in years, I felt that I might have the ability to do something that I love to do that would improve my fitness. Of course, after riding the Easy Motion bikes, I didn't consider the others that I had tried. I have owned the Neo Cross for almost a month now, and I have to tell you that having this bike has been a life-changing experience for me. In the past 3 weeks, I have biked over 100 miles, and I feel great!!! So far, I find that I can ride 45-50 total miles on a charge of the battery. Mostly, I use the eco setting. Occasionally, I will use the standard setting or the throttle to pass my husband and son for the fun of it:) Sometimes, if my legs are very tired, I will use the throttle to take a break. With this bike, I am able to rest while still on the bike if I need to do so. The other night my son said to me that it is too bad that I haven't had this bike for the past 2-3 years because it is making me walk better and feel better overall.

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