Kids Ride Safe Program


At Suburbanbikes we have recognized a trend in family cycling where kids bikes are not being maintained and serviced as they should be, so, we are addressing this problem in our local area with the Kids Ride Safe Program with a reduced tune-up package specifically for kids bikes. 


Mom's and Dad's, listen up! Kids ride bikes harder and usually more often than adults, which is why kids' bikes need frequent adjustments, safety inspection and quick tune-ups to make sure our kids are riding safely. Too often we see kids in our neighborhood riding with flat tires, mal-adjusted seats and loose parts that can cause an accident. 


Bring your kid's bike to us! We'll service any single speed kid bike for $30, provide a full bike tune-up, safety inspection and adjustments and make sure your kid is riding on a safe and properly set-up bike. 


Bring your bike in for a service today and take advantage of our Kids Ride Safe Program. 


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  • joe witherspoon