The Stromer ST1 With City Kit


The STROMER City kit sells for $400 or 500 and aims to give STROMER riders a nice complete commuter set-up with an integrated front and rear light, solid aluminum fenders and a rear rack. All of this is special made for the Stromer and bolts on effortlessly. 


Here are some photos we took of a bike with everything expect the front fender installed. 

Stromer City City, ST1 Platinum

Comments: The new Stromer has mount tabs only on the rear of the frame not up by the seat post, so many other racks just won't work on the Stromer. The Rear fender is designed to act as as forward support for the rack itself. I'd be curious to know the weight limit on this set-up. I'm sure you would be too. The light system is integrated with the Stromer battery. But, it still has it's own separate on/off switch. I'd like to see that in the controller.

The Stromer CITY Kit is the factory's add-on for a light, fender and rack set-up on the Stromer. Looks good and fits the bike perfectly .

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  • joe witherspoon