Felt S22 Triathlon Bike, A Worthy Tri Weapon


Felt S22 Triathlon Bike

As Felt is so strong in the Triathlon TT space, we found ourselves becoming sort-of experts and a supply source for budding local Triathletes this year. One of the most popular bikes in our (Felt's) line has been the Felt S22 Triathlon Bike. We are ever impressed with the focus and dedication of these athletes and so we are happy to help facilitate their dreams. 

Felt's Tri line-up is huge compared to other brands and this is the result of their commitment to the sport and the athletes that make it. Most amateurs and newbies struggle with the start-up costs associated with ding a triathlon right. Borrowed gear, adapted bikes, shoestring budgets make it hard to get into a sport that is very gear intensive. 

This is why the Felt S22 makes so much sense. It's a solid light weight aluminum bike with aerodynamic qualities that you can normally only get in higher priced bikes and performs like a workhorse. It looks great too. 

The S22 is a 2012 model and so it's on clearance while supplies last too. 



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  • joe witherspoon