Felt Verza Series Bikes


I've been riding a Felt Verza Path 2 now for about 6 months. I never thought I would like this bike as much as I do. When I think of a hybrid bike, my experience has been a bike that's not really good at anything, but that works, sort of, in a lot of occasions. But the Felt Verza path is surprisingly capable in almost all the riding conditions I put this bike through. It's a great road bike. It's a great city bike. The front suspension forks make for a smooth, painless ride, over bumps, curbs, cutters, cracks. The bike's rider position makes for a really stable ride for fast down hill runs and speedy commutes. That same geometry works on trails, light off-road, gravel and grass. The bike's dual-purpose tires are fast and grippy. 

The seat is super comfortable, but this is a bike you can pump all day long on your feet. It's light weight and though its components aren't high end - they work and are reliable. I like this bike!


Felt does a Verza Path 1 and a Path 2. Though I sometimes yearn for the ergo bars on the Felt Verza Path 1, the Path 2 works fine as is and there's a joy in being more simple, making do with less. Felt also does a men and women's version of this series, with a step-thru and diamond frame available. 

We love this bike and recommend it for any one looking for a great all-round, sporty bike that's forgiving, capable and easy on the wallet. 


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  • joe witherspoon