Suburbanbikes San Francisco Store Opening Soon


It's started! We've started the process of expansion and the opening of our second location at 1452 Bush St in San Franciso! We hope to open "for real" in the next few weeks. In the mean time, we'll post updates here and on our Facebook as things progress.

The San Francisco store will provide San Francisco customers and beyond with all the great bikes and products at our Redwood City location, in a smaller, more intimate environment. We know you'll enjoy our urban bikes, electric bikes and Felt bikes at this new store and we hope to see you there soon!

During our pre-opening process, feel free to call us to schedule an appointment at the new location. It's easy: if you wish to see or demo a bike that you know we have, or that you want to order, just call our us and arrange a time to meet. While we are setting up we're happy to bring a bike to the new store and help you buy it! 

The San Francisco store will offer all our usual bike brands, with the exception of Stromer :-( . Stromer, unfortunately, said we couldn't represent their bikes in San Francisco due to existing dealer territory issues. Oh well, you can still buy them at our Redwood City shop, for now. 



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