Get The Right Triathlon Bike


Felt bicycles is very strong in triathlon and the Felt catalog for Triathlon bikes and parts is extremely rich, with bikes starting in the low thousands and going up past $10,000 for a full blown racing machine. In the thick of this, Suburbanbikes helps individuals find the right bike, at the right price and feel confident about their purchase with the right service to follow. We spend a lot of time with each customer to get them fitted to the bike and comfortable on the bike, without feeling overwhelmed by too much information. 

At our showroom, customers can visit our store and expect to see and test a wide range of triathlon bikes. In our store, we'll typically focus on entry level type bikes for newer riders to test the field with a smaller budget. Then, once a rider feels like they want to move to the next level, we can facilitate this with a special order and new bike build straight from Felt. 

We spend a lot of time with each Triathlon bike customer, asking them what their goals are and learning about their needs. Once on a bike, we let the rider get comfortable on the bike by spending time on a trainer and spinning. Here, we can make some initial adjustments that let the rider make a decision about what bike they want. 

Our experience staff guides each customer without bombarding them with overwhelming amounts of information. 

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