New Electric Bikes From A2B


Our Redwood City store recently took in some of the brand new electric bikes from A2B. In high demand since the company re-launched their brand with some slick new designs and marketing, A2B delivered the A2B Shima electric bike, the A2B Alva + and the A2B FastForward Ride bikes. 

The new bikes have many features you can't find on other similarly priced electric bikes including keyless on/off, magnetic charger cables and faster motors. 

The A2B Shima bikes is in the fast-ebike club with a top pedal assist speed of 28MPH. Plus, it still has the all the comfort and easy riding qualities that the A2B brand is known for. 

The A2B Alva+ is basically the same bike as the Shima, with a top speed of 20MPH and a dual pedal assist and throttle power options. 

Meanwhile the FastForward Ride bike is nicely priced and easy to use. 

Great bikes, each. 

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  • joe witherspoon