About Our Bike Fitting Service


Every customer who purchases a Road or Triathlon bicycle from Suburbanbikes is entitled to a free bike fitting service. If you have never been fit for your bike, you can also bring in your own bike to our store and schedule a bike fitting for a fee of $75. In our fitting we spend about 1 hour with our clients to ensure that your bike is tuned to fit your body as perfect as possible. 

Our fitting philosophy focus on rider comfort, plain and simple. Particularly if this is a new bike and you're not a professional racer (as most of our customers are) you're going to want to be comfortable on your bike, first and foremost. This means to us looking at and adjusting all the traditional levels and angles of the geometry of you and your bike as they work together. It also means looking at seat type, bar and grip type, stem length and bar height. 

Our process involves a mutual learning process where you give us feedback and we give info and make adjustments until we agree we've found the best fit for you on your bike. Once that's done you can go on the road and spend a longer time with your newly adjusted bike. Take notes, learn how your body interacts with the recent adjustments and then visit our workshop a final time for some fine tuning. 


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