Our San Francisco Store Opening Is Near!


Our parent company Motostrano is days away from opening up our second location on 1452 Bush St in San Francisco. At this new store location, our San Francisco, East Bay and North Bay customers will experience greater convenience and a unique store environment that is at once cool and modern. 

The "MiniMotostrano" shop, or MotostranoSF, will feature our electric bicycles, Vanmoof bikes, some Felt Urban bikes and Triathlon bikes, as well as products from the Motostrano motorcycle catalog such as wheels and brakes for supermoto and Roland Sands and Gimoto leathers. With the new store, we are launching a separate web site and also a separate web brand called Erupt Cycles which will focus exclusive on the electric motor powered 2 wheel travel. 

About the move, Motostrano President Joe Witherspoon says, "For 12 years, folks have been trekking down from the city and beyond to the suburbs to get to our store in Redwood City and I've always thought that it would be great to have a store in the City our our vibe fits in so well. It was a matter of the right time, with the right place and the right products in it That time is now."

1452 Bush is a small street level location in a modern condo complex. Bush is a one way street with plenty of street parking almost always. Sandwhiched between VanNess and Polk, the store is located in the heart of San Francisco with easy access from the Golden Gate Bridge if you're coming in from the north outside the city and the new Bay Bridge if you trek from the east bay. From within the city San Francisco residents can ride up and enjoy the eclectic shopping environment and two-wheel transportation products that Motostrano is known for. 

Vanmoof, Felt, Currie, Juiced Electric, A2B, Rizoma, Roland Sands. 


Our SF Store is intended to be a boutique type store centered around our urban products. The store will have some great lighting and products that are focused on function and form. 

Electric bicycles are taking off in a big way, with battery life getting better and motors getting stronger, faster and lighter. Traveling through San Francisco on an electric bike makes living in the city that much more fun. No need to worry about parking (tickets), traffic, stress and the ill health effects of the sedentary life that comes with car travel. Park it anywhere, ride it anywhere. 

And if traditional human power is your thing, but traditional bicycle design isn't- our Vanmoof bicycles may be the thing your design eye. Innovative, functional, smooth on the eyes. Vanmoof is a revolutionary bicycle that one finds only in the pages of a design magazine.

We're not sure yet when we'll be open. Soon for sure.  


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