Felt Bicycles Goes Big in Electric Bikes


Motostrano / Suburbanbikes. At the Interbike show this past week, Felt Bikes gave the world a sneak preview of their 2014 ebikes equipped with the latest and greatest BOSCH motor from Germany. Felt has production model ebikes.

The bike models are not set in stone, but these planned for production models include the Felt NINE e20, a hard tail electric mountain bike, Felt DSe, a full suspension mountain bike and the Felt OXe 95, an urban commuter electric bike. These are great bikes for all occasions. 

Like a lot of Bosch mounted bikes- Felt has leaned heavily on the mountain bike category but they also included a capable looking hybrid / commuter bike. We know- that a performance and sport-minded ebike commuter rider will like to ride the Felt brand on their daily commute. 

Lastly, the hit of the show was the Felt FATe electric bike, a fat tire beach cruiser/ snow bike with huge balloon tires ready for any moonlanding. This was the show favorite at the recent bike show in Las Vegas. As such, we think Felt will have the cajones to make this thing and Suburbanbikes / Motostrano will most definitely have them in stock when they become available for us. 

Felt is one of the few American companies chosen by BOSCH to represent and use their hi-tech ebike system which is unique as a center drive system. 

Felt will handle all warranty and service processes until such time that BOSCH has its own US center. 

In the mean time, Motostrano / Suburbanbikes is extremely excited about this category of e-bike and we're betting on a whole new extreme sport to come into being with these light weight center drive Bosch powered ebikes. 

As with many first production models, expect these ebikes from Felt to arrive in limited numbers only. It might be wise, to call us and make a pre-order if you think you must have one of these great bikes. There won't be enough to go around once they hit the Felt warehouse. 

Motostrano/ Suburbanbikes is loves ebikes and we're a dedicated Felt dealer. As soon as we know more about available bikes and release dates we'll publish info. 

In the meantime talk to our sales department about getting a preorder into our system. 




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  • joe witherspoon