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Because apartment complexes, condo buildings and other residential communities increasingly want to offer their residents and employees a relaxing, stress free and healthy way to get around their communities, many of these offer their residents a pool of loaner bikes that can used on and off the property. We can supply these to your community. 

Particularly if you're community is new and your sales office is active with new homes for sale, a pool of community bicycles on site is a smart way to show your prospective buyers that your residential community is progressive, energetic and creative when it comes to creating livable environments for its residents. 

Suburbanbikes can help your community develop a plan, purchase bikes and service the bikes long term, so that the hassle of shopping for the right bikes and making sure they work for your residents is left to us. 

Want a good deal? We offer special discounts for volume purchases and after the bikes are professionally assembled, tested and outfitted with any accessories- we'll deliver them to your property and set them up on site. 

Don't know how to make it happen? If you need help launching your bike program we can also reach out to your residents and help get them familiar with the bikes and talk about safety, etc. 

Don't know what bikes to get? We offer a range of bikes that can suit your communities needs, from fun city bikes and cruisers, to electric bikes and mountain bikes

Don't want to fix bikes? We'll pick up and drop off your bikes at no charge and our professional mechanics can make your bikes shine. 

To get a program started call or text Joe Witherspoon @ 650-863-5143

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