Mountain Biking in San Mateo County


Unbeknownst to many a suburbanite- San Mateo County has some excellent areas for mountain bike riding for all skill sets and levels of riding ability. For folks visiting from out of town - many of whom come from parts of the country where redwood trees don't exist and where forests aren't as protected as they are in California- our area is haven for some excellent riding. 

Just minutes from down town San Mateo or Palo Alto - you can find excellent trails. In fact, there's a number of riding places that are actually in the thick of our suburbs. Places like Water Dog and the adjacent Sugar Loaf areas are fun and close canyons that you hit after work or even on a long lunch hour. Further south there's Arastradero Preserve set in the foothills behind Palo Alto. 

For locals and folks visiting, whether you're here for business or pleasure, we offer Mountain Bike Rentals for $50 per day and we provide helmets too. Our bikes are typically 29ers and ideal for the trails in the area. 

If you have more time, we suggest heading up to Skyline and Skeggs Point for miles of wooded mountain riding.

Another one of our favorite places to ride is along the California coast area and highway 1. There are trail systems all up and down the area. You can ride literally on the edge of the continent on gravel and grass trails that go on for ever and you'll encounter all kinds of wild life along the way. 

We rent mountain bikes, but we also sell them. We're a full service bike shop with a full selection of 29er, Full suspension and 26" bikes for adults and kids. 

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  • joe witherspoon